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PTA Magazine is the official magazine of PTA-UK and one of our most highly valued member benefits. It is sent directly to the inbox of PTA committee members.

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Valued Benefit

The PTA-UK member survey conducted in March 2012 found that 87% of you regard PTA Magazine as either valuable or very valuable to your association.


PTA Magazine is provided in a digital format - as an interactive, page-turning magazine that can be read on screen.  This allows readers to link quickly and directly from the magazine through to other sources of information relevant to PTAs, enhancing the benefit the magazine provides. 

PTA-UK is also able to collect comprehensive data on how it is used - for example, this will tell us which pages are the most read and which links are most frequently clicked - allowing us to build a detailed profile of the content that is most popular with members.  This data will inform the development of the magazine and help make it a better resource to support your needs.

The PTA-UK member survey conducted in March 2012 found that more committee members will read PTA Magazine if it is provided electronically.  Having the magazine in an electronic format means PTA-UK is able to increase the number of editions from one to two every school term (six in total during the academic year), as well as providing a personal copy to every PTA committee member who has registered to use the PTA-UK website.  

The decision to provide an digital magazine is also part of PTA-UK's continued consideration of its environmental impact.  

PTA-UK launched a preview copy of its new digital magazine in April 2012 and from September 2012, a larger version has been published and will continue to be published digitally twice every school term.

PTA Magazine App
With the growth in smart phones and tablet devices, PTA-UK has produced the first ever PTA App.  Simple to download with automatic notification when a new edition of PTA Magazine is published, it offers great search funcationality and instant links through to additional content and PTA suppliers.

Receive your copy
PTA Magazine is sent direct to the inbox of PTA committee members. Simply register to receive your personal copy and encourage all the members of your PTA committee to register to receive their very own copy.

Lastest edition

The latest edition of PTA Magazine is available online along with an archive of back editions.

Editorial standards

Ensuring that the magazine reflects the needs of PTAs is really important and increasingly the features are based on your direct input. Look out for the next online questionnaire inviting members to participate. 

PTA-UK also works hard to ensure featured advertisers are relevant to readers in either their role as a PTA member or as a parent of school age children. 


Your feedback is incredibly important to us.  Please email us at info@pta.org.uk to tell us what you think of PTA Magazine.


If you are interested in advertising in PTA Magazine, please contact Sales on 01732 375460 / sales@pta.org.uk PTA-UK can offer your organisation a range of ways to reach our members, in addition to advertising in PTA Magazine.

This information sheet is a benefit of PTA-UK membership. It is published by PTA-UK for its members. Content in whole or in part may not be produced without the express written permission of PTA-UK. For information please contact PTA-UK on info@pta.org.uk. PTA-UK has made every effort to ensure the content is accurate and correct at the time of publication but some details may be subject to change without notice. PTA-UK will not therefore be held responsible for loss or other liability that may result from actions or decisions taken by a PTA / member, based on the advice given.

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